A1441 – Low-Voltage Full-Bridge Brushless DC Motor Driver

Part Number: A1441

Function: Low-Voltage Full-Bridge Brushless DC Motor Driver

Manufacturer: Allegro MicroSystems


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A1441 Low-Voltage Full-Bridge Brushless DC Motor Driver with Hall Element Commutation Features and Benefits ▪ Single-chip solution for high reliability ▪ Chopper stabilization technique for precise signal response over operating range ▪ 2.0 to 4.0 V operation ▪ Sleep mode pin allowing external logic signal enable/ disable to reduce average power consumption ▪ Restart feature ▪ Small package size Description The A1441 is a full-bridge motor driver designed to drive low-voltage bipolar brushless dc motors. Commutation of the motor is achieved by use of a single Hall element sensor to detect the position of an alternating-pole ring magnet. A high density merged Bipolar-CMOS semiconductor process allows the integration of the Hall element on the same IC as the motor control circuitry, providing a single-chip solution for enhanced reliability. All necessary circuitry is incorporated within the device package, eliminating the need for any external support components. A micropower sleep mode can be enabled by an external signal, to reduce current consumption for battery management in portable electronic devices. In addition, the device offers an active function for motor braking. The A1441 is optimized for vibration motor applications such as cellular phones, pagers, electronic toothbrushes, and handheld video game controllers. These devices also drive low power fan motors designed with cogging plates. Package: 6 Contact MLP/DFN/SON (suffix EL) 6 5 4 1 2 3 Approximate Scale 1:1 Continued on the next page… Functional Block Diagram 1441-DS, Rev. 2 A1441 Low-Voltage Full-Bridge Brushless DC Motor Driver with Hall Element Commutation a lead (Pb) free (leadframe plating 100% matte tin) 6-pin surface mount MLP (microleadframe: DFN) package, with exposed pad for enhanced thermal dissipation. Description (continued) The small package outlines and low profiles make this device ideally suited for use in applications where printed circuit board area and component headroom are at a premium. It is available in Selection Guide Part Number Package Packing1 A1441EELLT-T MLP 2×2 mm; 0.50 mm nom. height 3000 pieces/ 7-in. reel A1441SEKLT-T2 1For additional packing options, contact Allegro. 2These variants are in production but have been determined to be NOT FOR NEW DESIGN. This classification indicates that sale of this device is currently restricted to existing customer applications. The device should not be purchased for new design applications because obsolescence in the near future is probable. Samples are no longer available. Status change: May 1, 2006. Absolute Maximum Ratings Characteristic Supply Voltage Reverse Battery Voltage Output Voltage Control Input Voltage Load Current Magnetic Flux Density Operating Ambient Temperature Maximum Junction Storage Temperature Symbol VDD VRDD VOUT VIN(High) ILOAD B TA TJ(max) Tstg Range E Positive ILOAD flow is from VOUT1 to VOUT2 Notes Rating 5.0 V –0.3 V –0.3 V to VDD […]

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A1441 Datasheet

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