CS213 PDF Datasheet – 1-cell Protection IC

The Part Number is CS213.

The function of this semiconductor is Protection IC for 1-Cell Battery Pack

The package is SOT-23-6.

Manufacturer: Neotec

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The CS213 is the 1-cell protection IC for lithium-ion/lithium-polymer rechargeable battery pack. This protection IC was developed for use with lithium-ion/lithium polymer 1-cell serial batteries.

It detects over-charge, over-discharge, discharge over-current and other abnormalities, and functions to protect the battery by turning off the external FETs. The IC also has a built-in timer circuit (for detection delay times), so fewer external parts can be used in protection circuit configuration.

The tiny package is especially suitable for compact portable device, i.e. slim mobile phone and Bluetooth earphone.


1. Detection Accuracy

(1) Over-charge Detection: ±40mV

(2) Over-discharge Detection: ±100mV

(3) Discharge Over-current Detection: ±20mV

2. High Withstand Voltage

(1) Absolute maximum ratings: 28V (V- pin and CO pin)


CS213 pinout pdf


1. Mobile phone battery packs

2. Digital camera battery

3. Bluetooth earphone Li-ion battery module […]

CS213 PDF Datasheet