AD149 Datasheet PDF – 50V, 3.5A, PNP Transistor – Valvo

Part Number: AD149

Function: -50V, -3.5A, Germanium PNP Transistor

Manufacturer: Valvo

Package: TO3 Pin Type

Image :

AD149 pnp transistor


The -50V, -3.5A, PNP Power Transistor.

A PNP transistor is a type of bipolar junction transistor (BJT) that has a “positive-negative-positive” (PNP) configuration.

The term “PNP” refers to the polarities of the three regions in the transistor: the P-type base, the N-type collector, and the P-type emitter.


Absolute Maximum Ratings : (TA= +25°C unless otherwise specified)

1. Collector–Base Voltage : VCBO = – 50V

2. Collector–Emitter Voltage: VCEO = – 50V

3. Emitter–Base Voltage, VEBO = – 6V

4. Collector Current-Continuous, Ic = -3.5A

5. Collector Power Dissipation. Pc = 30 W


AD149 datasheet pinout


1. Audio Frequency Power Amplifier

2. Power switch

AD149 Datasheet PDF


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