APR9600 PDF Datasheet – Single-Chip Voice Recording IC

Part Number: APR9600

Function: Single-Chip Voice Recording & Playback Device 60-Second Duration

Package: SOP 28 Pin type

Manufacturer: Apuls Integrated Circuits




The APR9600 device offers true single-chip voice recording, non-volatile storage, and playback capability for 40 to 60 seconds. The device supports both random and sequential access of multiple messages. Sample rates are user-selectable, allowing designers to customize their design for unique quality and storage time needs. Integrated output amplifier, microphone amplifier, and AGC circuits greatly simplify system design. the device is ideal for use in portable voice recorders, toys, and many other consumer and industrial applications.


1. Single-chip, high-quality voice recording & playback solution
(1) No external ICs required
(2) Minimum external components

2. Non-volatile Flash memory technology
(1) No battery backup required

3. User-friendly, easy-to-use operation
(1) Programming & development systems not required
(2) Level-activated recording & edge-activated play back switches

4. Chip Enable pin for simple message expansion

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APR9600 Datasheet

APR9600 pdf