ATR4251 PDF Datasheet – Antenna Amplifier IC

Part Number: ATR4251

Function: High-dynamic-range Antenna Amplifier IC

Manufacturer: ATMEL Corporation


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The ATR4251 is an integrated low-noise AM/FM antenna amplifier with integrated
AGC in BiCMOS2S technology. The device is designed in particular for car applications, and is suitable for windshield and roof antennas.


1. High Dynamic Range for AM and FM

2. Integrated AGC for AM and FM

3. High Intercept Point 3rd Order for FM

4. FM Amplifier Adjustable to Various Cable Impedances

5. High Intercept Point 2nd and 3rd Order for AM

6. Low Noise Output Voltage

7. Low Power Consumption

8. Low Output Impedance AM


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The ATR4251 is an integrated AM/FM antenna impedance matching circuit. It compensates
cable losses between the antenna (for example windshield, roof, or bumper antennas) and the
car radio which is usually placed far away from the antenna.

AM refers to the long wave (LW), medium wave (MW) and short wave (SW) frequency bands
(150 kHz to 30 MHz) that are usually used for AM transmission, and FM means any of the frequency bands used world-wide for FM radio broadcast (70 MHz to 110 MHz).

ATR4251 Datasheet