RSN3502A PDF Datasheet – Audio Power Amplifier IC ( Pinout )

Part Number: RSN3502A

Function: Audio Power Amplifier Output IC, Circuit SA-AK37

Package: SIP 14 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Images:RSN3502A datasheet pinout



RSN3502A is Audio Power Amplifier Module. An audio power amplifier is an electronic device that increases the amplitude of an audio signal to drive a loudspeaker or other types of audio output devices. Its primary purpose is to take a low-power audio signal from a source, such as a microphone, CD player, or audio processor, and boost it to a level sufficient to drive speakers and produce audible sound.

RSN3502A pdf

1. Amplification: The main function of a power amplifier is to amplify the audio signal while maintaining its fidelity. This means that it should increase the voltage or current of the signal without introducing significant distortion or noise.

2. Signal Types: Audio power amplifiers typically handle analog audio signals, which can be in the form of voltage or current. They are commonly used in various audio systems, including home stereo systems, car audio systems, public address (PA) systems, and professional audio equipment.

3. Classes of Amplifiers: There are different classes of audio power amplifiers, including Class A, Class AB, Class B, Class D, and Class H, each with its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of efficiency, linearity, and heat generation. The choice of amplifier class depends on the specific application and requirements.


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RSN3502A PDF Datasheet

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