B43586S3468Q1 PDF – 385V, 4600uF, Aluminium Capacitor

Part Number: B43586S3468Q1, B43566, B43586-S3468-Q1

Function: 4600uF, 385V Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor

Package: Screw Terminal Type

Manufacturer: EPCOS


B43586S3468Q1 capacitor


B43586S3468Q1 is Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor with Screw Terminal. ( Long-life grade capacitor )

1. Electrolyte-Based: These capacitors use an electrolytic solution as the dielectric between the two plates. The electrolyte is typically a conductive liquid or gel that enhances the capacitance of the device.

2. Polarity: Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are polarized, meaning they have a positive and negative terminal. It’s crucial to connect them correctly in a circuit, as reversing the polarity can cause the capacitor to fail or even explode.


1. Extended useful life, high reliability

2. Good electrical characteristics and small dimensions

3. Extremely high ripple current capability

4. All-welded construction ensures reliable electrical contact

5. Version with optimized construction for base cooling (2-pad solution) available

6. Version with low-inductance design available


3 page
B43586S3468Q1 pdf datasheet

Construction :

1. Charge-discharge proof, polar

2. Aluminum case with insulating sleeve

3. Poles with screw terminal connections

4. Mounting with ring clips, clamps or threaded stud


B43586S3468Q1 PDF Datasheet

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