BAW56 Data Sheet PDF – 85V, 0.2A, Diode, Rectifier – Infineon

Part Number: BAW56

Marking : A1s

Function: 85V, 0.2A, Silicon Switching Diode

Package: SOT-23 Type

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

Image and Pinouts:

BAW56 datasheet



This is 85V, 0.2A, Silicon Switching Diode. The BAW56 has many advantages, including high-speed switching, small package, and low leakage current, making it useful in various electronic circuits. It is a diode that excels in applications that require high-frequency and precise signal processing.



1. For high-speed switching applications

2. Common anode configuration

3. BAW56S / U: For orientation in reel see package information below

4. Pb-free (RoHS compliant) package

5. Qualified according AEC Q101


Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Diode reverse voltage : VR = 80 V

2. Peak reverse voltage : VRM = 85 V

3. Forward current : IF = 200 mA

4. Total power dissipation : Ptot = 330 mW

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BAW56 Data sheet PDF Download

BAW56 pdf

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