BD8174MUV PDF – System Power Supply IC

Part Number: BD8174MUV

Function: Multi-channel System Power Supply IC

Package: VQFN 48 Pin ( 7.00mm x 7.00mm x 1.00mm )

Manufacturer: Rohm

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A system power supply IC, also known as a power management IC (PMIC) or system power controller, is an integrated circuit designed to manage and regulate the power supply requirements of an entire system or device. These ICs provide various power management functions, including voltage regulation, power sequencing, power monitoring, and protection features.

The BD8174MUV is a system power supply IC that generates 6 power supply channels required by TFT-LCD panels on a single chip. Output voltage and sequence is fixed so that it is possible to control output with few external components.

System power supply ICs are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including computers, servers, networking equipment, embedded systems, consumer electronics, industrial automation, and automotive electronics. They provide comprehensive power management solutions, simplify system design, and ensure reliable and efficient operation of the entire system.


1. Step-up DC/DC Converter with Built-in 3A FET

2. Synchronous Step-down DC/DC Converter with Built-in 2A FET

3. High Voltage LDO (50mA)

4. Low Voltage LDO (400mA)

5. Positive/ Negative Charge Pumps (Integrated-diode)

6. 10bit DAC 4CH

7. VCOM Amplifier

8. Gate Shading Function

9. All-output Shut Down Function

10. Power Good Function


BD8174MUV pinout datasheet



1. LCD TV power supplies

BD8174MUV Datasheet