BN504 PDF Datasheet – LED Diode – Stanley Electric

Part Number: BN504

Function: LED

Manufacturer: Stanley Electric

Images:BN504 pdf datasheet


BN504 is super intensity infraded LED. An infrared LED, also known as an IR LED, is a type of light-emitting diode that emits infrared radiation rather than visible light. IR LEDs are commonly used for applications that require illumination in the infrared spectrum, where human eyes cannot detect the emitted light.


1. Remote controls: IR LEDs are used in remote controls for TVs, audio systems, and other devices to transmit infrared signals to the receiving devices.

2. Security cameras: Infrared LEDs are used in security cameras for night vision and low-light environments.

3. Proximity sensors: IR LEDs are employed in proximity sensors and object detection systems.

4. Optical communication: IR LEDs are utilized in optical communication systems, such as IrDA (Infrared Data Association) for short-range data transfer.


BN504 led diode


BN504 PDF Datasheet

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