BTA100-800B PDF Datasheet – 800V, 100A, TOP4, Triac

Part Number: BTA100-800B

Function: 100A, 800V, Specially Varieties 4Q-Triacs

Package: TOP4 Type

Manufacturer: HAOHAI


BTA100-800B datasheet



BTA100-800B is 800V, 100A, Triac. A Triac is a type of solid-state AC switch that can be triggered on and off at any point in the AC waveform. It is commonly used for phase control applications such as dimming lights or controlling the speed of AC motors.

Triacs are similar in operation to thyristors, but unlike thyristors, triacs can switch both polarities of the AC waveform.

A triac consists of three layers of alternating P-type and N-type semiconductor material, arranged in a symmetrical structure. When the gate of the triac is triggered, it becomes conductive, allowing current to flow through the device. The triac will continue to conduct until the current falls below a certain threshold value, at which point it will turn off.

NPNPN five-layer silicon bidirectional device, single-sided trenching technology with independent intellectual property rights, tabletop glass passivation process;

Product features: multi-layer metallized electrode on the back; high blocking voltage, high temperature stability; large current, insulating packaging.



BTA100-800B pinout

Mainly used for: heating controller, temperature control equipment, color light controller, solid state relay, vacuum cleaner, electric tool, motor speed controller; other phase control circuits.

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BTA100-800B PDF Datasheet

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