BTA100-800B PDF Datasheet – 800V, 100A, TOP4, Triac

Part Number: BTA100-800B

Function: 100A, 800V, Specially Varieties 4Q-Triacs

Package: TOP4 Type

Manufacturer: HAOHAI


BTA100-800B datasheet



This is 800V, 100A, Triac.

NPNPN five-layer silicon bidirectional device, single-sided trenching technology with independent intellectual property rights, tabletop glass passivation process;

Product features: multi-layer metallized electrode on the back; high blocking voltage, high temperature stability; large current, insulating packaging.



BTA100-800B pinout

Mainly used for: heating controller, temperature control equipment, color light controller, solid state relay, vacuum cleaner, electric tool, motor speed controller; other phase control circuits.

3 page

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BTA100-800B PDF Datasheet

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