BW-S30W2 Datasheet – Precision Fixed Attenuator

Part Number: BW-S30W2, BW-S30W2+

Function: Precision Fixed Attenuator / 50 Ohm 2W 30dB DC to 18000 MHz

Case style : FF659

Manufacturer: Minicircuits


BW-S30W2 datasheet



This is Coaxial Precision Fixed Attenuator.


1. DC to 18000 MHz
2. Precise attenuation
3. Excellent VSWR, 1.20 typ.
4. Stainless steel SMA male and female connectors


1. Matching
2. Instrumentation
3. Test set-ups

Other data sheets are available within the file: BW-S30W, BWS30W2, BW-S30W2+

BW-S30W2 Datasheet PDF Download

BW-S30W2 pdf

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