C4570C PDF – UPC4570C – Operational Amplifier – NEC

Part Number: C4570C

Function: Dual Ultra Low-Noise, Operational Amlifier

Package: DIP or SOP 8pin, SIP 9 Pin type

Manufacturer: NEC




The C4570C is an ultra low-noise, wideband high slew-rate, dual operational amplifier. Input equivalent noise is three times better than the conventional 4558 type op-amps.

The gain bandwidth products and the slew-rate are seven times better than 4558. In spite of fast AC performance, the C4570C is extremely stable under voltage-follower circuit conditions. Supply current is also improved compared with conventional wideband op-amps.

The μPC4570 is an excellent choice for pre-amplifiers and active filters in audio, instrumentation, and communication circuits.

C4570C pinout datasheet



1. Ultra low noise
2. High slew rate
3. High gain bandwidth product
4. Internal frequency compensation



C4570C pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: uPC4570C, uPC4570G2, uPC4570HA

C4570C PDF Datasheet

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