CD7313GS PDF Datasheet – 500mW, Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: CD7313GS, CD7313

Function: Audio Power Amplifier

Package: SIP 9 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Huajing


CD7313GS datasheet pdf


CD7313GS is 500mW, Audio Power Amplifier. An Audio Power Amplifier is an electronic device designed to amplify audio signals to a level suitable for driving loudspeakers or other audio output devices. The primary purpose of an audio power amplifier is to take a weak audio signal and boost its power so that it can drive speakers with sufficient volume and clarity.

CD7313GS pdf amplifier

Here are some key points about audio power amplifiers:

1. Amplification: Audio power amplifiers take low-level audio signals from sources like microphones, musical instruments, CD players, or audio interfaces, and increase their amplitude to a level capable of driving speakers or headphones.

2. Power Output: The power output of an amplifier is measured in watts and determines how loud the speakers can play without distortion. Different types of speakers have different power requirements, so the power output of the amplifier should be matched to the speakers for optimal performance.


1. COMP 1
2. IN
3. NF
4. COMP 2
5. GND
6. OUT
7. Vcc
8. BS
9. FIL

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CD7313GS PDF Datasheet

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