CD7523CS Datasheet PDF – 4W, Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: CD7523CS

Function: 4W Audio Power Amplifier Circuit ( AN17821, AN17823, TV circuit IC )

Package: SIP 9 Pin type

Manufacturer: Wuxi China Resources Silicon Microelectronics

Image :
CD7523CS Image


The CD7523CS is a bridge output 4W audio power amplifier circuit, mainly used in television and audio equipment and other systems.


1. Wide supply voltage range, can work normally in the range of 3.5 ~ 13.5V voltage

2. has a standby function

3. with DC volume control

4. simple peripheral circuits

5. Package: FSIP9


Pinouts :

CD7523CS datasheet

1. VCC power supply
2. OUT1+ Non-inverting output
3. GND1 Power amplifier ground
4. OUT1- Inverted output
5. ST-BY standby control
6. IN1 input
7. GND Front ground
8. NC Empty pin
9. VOL Volume control

Available AN7523, AN17823A direct substitution

CD7523CS Datasheet PDF Download



Other data sheets are available within the file: CD7523, TDA7056B

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