CM5000 Diode – 50V, 50A, Silicon Bridge Rectifier ( PDF )

Part Number: CM5000


Manufacturer: Pan Jit International Inc.

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CM5000 is 50V, 50A, Silicon Bridge Rectifier. A bridge rectifier is an electronic circuit that converts alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). It is widely used in power supplies and electronic devices to provide a steady and polarized source of DC voltage from an AC source. Bridge rectifiers are known for their efficiency and simplicity.

1. Input AC Voltage: The bridge rectifier is connected to an AC power source, typically through a transformer to step down or step up the voltage as needed.

2. Diode Bridge Configuration: The core of the bridge rectifier consists of four semiconductor diodes arranged in a specific configuration known as a bridge or full-wave bridge. The diodes are usually silicon diodes.

(1) Two diodes are connected in series in one direction between the two AC input terminals.

(2) The other two diodes are connected in series in the opposite direction between the other two AC input terminals.


1. Metal Case for Maximum Heat Dissipation.

2. Surge Overload Ratings to 400 Amperes.

3. These bridges are on the U/L Recognized Products List for currents of 50 amperes.

Mechanical Data :

1. Case: Metal

2. Terminals: Plated 25” FASTON

3. Mounting Position: Any

4. Weight: 1.0 ounce, 30 gram

[…]CM5000 datasheet diode

Other data sheets are available within the file: CM5001, CM5002, CM5004, CM5008

CM5000 PDF Datasheet

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