JZC-42F PDF Datasheet – PCB Power Relay – HongFa

Part Number: JZC-42F, JZC-42F/0122H2ST

Function: Power Relay

Package: PCB 6 Pin Type

Manufacturer: HongFa

Images:JZC-42F pdf relay


JZC-42F is SUBMINIATURE INTERMEDIATE POWER RELAY. A high-power relay is an electromechanical switching device designed to handle high electrical currents and voltages. These relays are used in applications where the electrical load exceeds the capacity of standard relays or where additional safety and isolation are required due to the high power involved. High-power relays are commonly found in industrial, automotive, aerospace, and power distribution systems.



1. 5A switching capabilities

2. 2 Form A slim Type

3. Sealed IP67 and Flux proof type available

JZC-42F datasheet pinout

Contact Data :

1. Contact Arrangement : 2 A

2. Max. switching current : 5 A

3. Coil Power : 0.53 W

4. Unit weight : Approx. 14.5g

JZC-42F PDF Datasheet

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