D6282 PDF Datasheet – Audio Power Amplifier

This post explains for the audio amplifier.

Part Number is D6282.

The function of this semiconductor is Dual 4.6W Audio Power Amplifier.

Package: FSIP 12 Type

Manufacturer: ETC

Images:D6282 pdf pinout


The D6282 is a dual audio power amplifier integrated circuit, built-in temperature overheating protection Road, power adjustment switch. Suitable for portable tape recorders for audio power amplification. The circuit is 12-pin single in-line package.

An audio power amplifier is an electronic device or circuit that takes a low-power audio signal, typically from a source such as a microphone, audio player, or preamplifier, and increases its power to drive a loudspeaker or other transducer, producing a more significant and audible sound output.


1. Boot noise is small

2. quiescent current is small; ICCQ = 19mA (typical) (Vcc = 9V, VIN = 0) Soft-edged

3. Built-in thermal protection circuit

4. the best power supply voltage 9V, 12V

5. operating power supply voltage range: Vcc = 6 ~ 15V

Block Diagram

D6282 datasheet amplifier

Audio power amplifiers are integral components in various audio systems, including home audio systems, car stereos, public address (PA) systems, professional sound reinforcement, and concert audio equipment.

D6282 PDF Datasheet