PHCT203 Datasheet PDF – Optical Sensor – Photonic

Part Number: PHCT203

Function: Sensor Otico Infraverm Chave Opto, Optoelectronic TRANSMITTED

Manufacturer: Photonic




The PHCT203 (Slot Optical Switch) is a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode which is coupled with a silicon photo transistor in a plastic housing.


1. Wide gap between light emitter and detector(3.1mm)
2. High sensing accuracy
3. PWB mounting type package Pb free

Maximum Ratings

1. Vr = 6V
2. If = 60 mA
3. Vceo = 30V
4. Veco = 6V
5. Pd = 100 mW


PHCT203 datasheet


1. Copier
2. Printer
3. Facsimile
4. Ticket vending machine
5. Opto-electronic switch

Other data sheets are available within the file: PHCT102, PHCT103, PHCT104, PHCT202

PHCT203 Datasheet

PHCT203 pdf

ITR8102 Datasheet

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