IRF740 Datasheet – 400V, 10A, Power MOSFET – Vishay

This is one of the types of MOSFETs and is a kind of transistor.

Part Number: IRF740

Function: Power MOSFET ( Vds=400V )

Package: TO-220AB Type

Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductors




IRF740 is a power MOSFET used for switching and amplification applications. It is an N-channel MOSFET with a voltage rating of 400V and a current rating of 10A. The IRF740 has a low on-resistance of 0.55 Ohm, which allows it to handle high power and reduce power loss.
Third generation Power MOSFETs from Vishay provide the designer with the best combination of fast switching, ruggedized device design, low on-resistance and cost-effectiveness.

The TO-220AB package is universally preferred for all commercial-industrial applications at power dissipation levels to approximately 50 W. The low thermal resistance and low package cost of the TO-220AB contribute to its wide acceptance throughout the industry.

IRF740 pinout

IRF740 datasheet


1. Dynamic dV/dt Rating
2. Repetitive Avalanche Rated
3. Fast Switching
4. Ease of Paralleling
5. Simple Drive Requirements
6. Compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC


IRF740 Datasheet

IRF740 pdf


Other data sheets are available within the file: IRF740AS, IRF740PbF, SiHF740, SiHF740-E3

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