What is K10A60D? – 600V, 10A, N-ch, MOSFET

What is K10A60D?

This post explains for the MOSFET. It is a type of power MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) that is commonly used in a range of electronic circuits, including power supplies, motor control circuits, and audio amplifiers. It is manufactured by several semiconductor companies and is widely available in the market.

The Part Number is K10A60D.

The Pacakge is TO-220 Type.

The function of this semiconductor is 600V, 10A, N-Channel MOSFET.

Manufacturer: Toshiba

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mosfet K10A60D pdf datasheet


The K10A60D is 600V, 10A, Silicon N Channel MOS Type Field Effect Transistor.

The MOSFET has a number of features that make it popular in electronic circuits, including its high voltage capability, low on-resistance, and fast switching speed. It also has a low gate-to-source threshold voltage, which means it can be easily controlled by low voltage signals.

It is typically used in a variety of circuits, such as in switching power supplies where it is used to control the flow of current to the load. It is also commonly used in audio amplifiers where it can deliver high output power with low distortion.


1. Low drain-source ON-resistance: RDS (ON) = 0.62 Ω (typ.)

2. High forward transfer admittance: |Yfs| = 6.0 S (typ.)

3. Low leakage current: IDSS = 10 μA (VDS = 600 V)

4. Enhancement mode: Vth = 2.0 to 4.0 V (VDS = 10 V, ID = 1 mA)


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K10A60D transistor equivalent

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Drain to source voltage: VDSS = 600 V

2. Gate to source voltage: VGSS = ± 30 V

3. Drain current: ID = 10 A

4. Drain Power Dissipation: Pd = 45 W (Tc = 25°C)

5. Channel temperature: Tch = 150 °C

6. Storage temperature: Tstg = -55 to +150 °C



1. Switching Regulator


Other data sheets are available within the file:

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K10A60D PDF Datasheet