LA4440 PDF Datasheet – 2-Channel, Power Amplifier

Part Number: LA4440, LA4440J-K-E

Function: 6W 2-Channel, Bridge 19W Power Amplifier

Package: SIP14H

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


LA4440 Power Amplifier


The LA4440 is 2-Channel, Power Amplifier.

An audio power amplifier is an electronic amplifier that amplifies low-power audio signals (signals from a microphone, instrument, or other audio source) to a level suitable for driving loudspeakers or headphones. The main purpose of an audio power amplifier is to increase the power of an audio signal, so that it can be used to drive a loudspeaker and produce sound at a higher volume.

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1. Built-in 2 channels (dual) enabling use in stereo and bridge amplifier applications.
(1) Dual : 6W x 2 (typ)
(2) Bridge : 19W (typ)

2. Minimum number of external parts required.

3. Small pop noise at the time of power supply ON/OFF and good starting balance.

4. Good ripple rejection : 46dB (typ)

5. Good channel separation.

6. Small residual noise (Rg=0).

7. Low distortion over a wide range from low frequencies to high frequencies.

8. Easy to design radiator fin.

9. Built-in audio muting function.

10. Built-in protectors.
a. Thermal protector
b. Overvoltage, surge voltage protector
c. Pin-to-pin short protector […]

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LA4440 PDF Datasheet