LCM1602 PDF – 16 Characters x 2 line – Display Module

Part Number: LCM1602

Function: Display Module, 16 Characters x 2 lines

Weight : 50.0 (With B/L) g

Driving Method : 1/16 Duty, 1/5 Bias

Manufacturer: ETC


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The LCM1602 is 16 Characters x 2 line, Display Module.

An LCD (liquid crystal display) module is a type of display used in electronic devices to display information such as text and images. It consists of a glass or plastic panel with a liquid crystal solution between two transparent electrodes. The liquid crystals are controlled by electrical signals to align and block light, creating the desired images on the screen. LCD modules are widely used in consumer electronics such as smartphones, televisions, computer monitors, and other digital devices due to their low power consumption, compact size, and clear display quality. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of displays, making them a popular choice for many applications.

Mechanical Data

1. Module Size ( WxHxT) : 80x36x12.5 and 80x36x9 mm
2. Viewing Area( WxH ) : 64.5 x 13.8 mm
3. Number of Characters ( WxH ) : 16 x 2 Charaters
4. Dot Pitch ( WxH ) : 0.6 x 0.55 mm
5. Dot Size ( WxH ) : 0.55 x 0.50 mm


1. Vss : Power ground
2. Vcc : Power postive
3. V0 : Negative voltage Supply for LCD

LCM1602 PDF Datasheet

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