TA7136AP PDF – Pre Amplifier For Power Supply – Toshiba

Part Number: TA7136AP

Function: Pre Amplifier For Dual Power Supply

Package: ZIP 7 Pin type

Manufacturer: Toshiba


TA7136AP pinout datasheet


TA7136AP is Pre Amplifier For Dual Power Supply. It is a dual preamplifier IC designed for audio applications.

A preamplifier for a dual power supply refers to a preamplifier circuit that is specifically designed to operate with a bipolar dual power supply. A dual power supply typically consists of a positive voltage rail (+V) and a negative voltage rail (-V), allowing for both positive and negative voltage references in the circuit.

The preamplifier for a dual power supply is designed to handle both positive and negative input signals and provide amplification with respect to the dual power supply voltages. It ensures proper signal amplification and maintains signal integrity within the specified voltage range.

The TA7136 contains two independent preamplifier circuits in a single IC package. Each preamplifier can be used to amplify low-level audio signals from sources such as microphones, line-level inputs, or other audio devices.

TA7136AP pdf



1. Low Noise : Vni = 0.8uVrms (Typ.)

2. High Open Loop Voltage Gain : Gvo = 92dB (Typ.)

3. Low Distortion : THD = 0.1% (Max.)

4. Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range : Vcc = +-3 ~ +-20V


TA7136AP pinout datasheet

The TA7136 is commonly used in audio applications where low-level signal amplification is required, such as audio mixers, portable audio devices, preamplifier stages, and other audio equipment.


1. Various High Quailty pre-Amplifier

TA7136AP PDF Datasheet


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