MIX2018 – 4.8W Class F Audio Amplifier

This is Audio Amplifier.

Part Number: MIX2018

Function: 4.8W Single Channel Class F Audio Amplifier Chip

Package: SOP 8 Pin type



MIX2018 datasheet ic


MIX2018 is a high efficiency, filterless 4.8W mono class F audio amplifier. Ultra-low EMI is very suitable for portable equipment with FM function.

MIX2018’s single-ended input architecture and extremely high PSRR effectively improve MIX2018’s ability to suppress RF noise. The filter-free PWM modulation structure and built-in gain method reduce external components, PCB area and system cost, and simplify design. Up to 90% efficiency, fast start-up time and small package size make MIX2018 the best choice for portable audio products.



1. Unique FM interference-free architecture
2. Class D output power:  -4.8W (VDD=5.0V, RL=2Ω, THD+N=10%)
3. Class F output power: -4.8W (VDD=5.0V, RL=2Ω, THD+N=10%)
4. Low distortion and low noise
5. Power-on POP sound suppression function
6. Shutdown current is less than 1uA
7. Overheat protection function



MIX2018 pinout schematic

Class F audio amplifiers are a type of power amplifier design that aims to improve the efficiency and performance of traditional Class AB amplifiers. While Class AB amplifiers are commonly used in audio applications, Class F amplifiers are a more advanced and less commonly utilized design.

Class F amplifiers incorporate additional circuitry to enhance efficiency by reducing power dissipation and increasing power output. They achieve this by using multiple power supply rails and dynamically adjusting the supply voltage based on the input signal. This design allows the amplifier to operate in different modes depending on the amplitude of the input signal.

In a Class F amplifier, the power transistors are designed to switch on and off more efficiently, reducing power losses during the switching process. By optimizing the power supply and dynamically adjusting the voltage, Class F amplifiers can deliver higher output power with improved efficiency compared to Class AB designs.


1. Loudspeaker
2. Portable speakers / card speakers
3. Card speakers / USB speakers


MIX2018 Datasheet

MIX2018 pdf

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