MSM80C154S PDF Datasheet – CMOS 8-bit Microcontroller

Part Number: MSM80C154S, MSM83C154S

Function: CMOS 8-bit Microcontroller

Package: DIP 40, QFP 44 Pin Type

Manufacturer: OKI electronic componets


MSM80C154S datasheet pinout


A CMOS 8-bit microcontroller is a type of microcontroller (MCU) built using complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology and capable of processing data in 8-bit chunks. Microcontrollers are integrated circuits that contain a central processing unit (CPU), memory, input/output (I/O) ports, timers, and various peripherals, all on a single chip. The “8-bit” designation refers to the width of the data bus, indicating that the microcontroller processes data in 8-bit units.

The MSM80C154S, MSM83C154S, designed for the high speed version of the existing MSM80C154, MSM83C154, is a higher performance 8-bit microcontroller providing low-power consumption.

1. CMOS Technology: CMOS is a low-power semiconductor fabrication technology commonly used in microcontrollers. CMOS-based microcontrollers offer advantages like low power consumption, high noise immunity, and compatibility with various supply voltages.

2. 8-Bit CPU Core: The central processing unit (CPU) of the microcontroller is an 8-bit core, meaning it can process data in 8-bit chunks or bytes. This type of microcontroller is suitable for applications that don’t require extensive computational power but need to interface with sensors, peripherals, and control functions.

Block diagram:
MSM80C154S pdf


1. Fully static circuit

2. Upward compatible with the MSM80C51F/80C31F

3. On-chip program memory : 16K words x 8 bits ROM (MSM83C154S only)

4. On-chip data memory : 256 words x 8 bits RAM

5. External program memory address space : 64K bytes ROM (Max)

6. External data memory address space : 64K bytes RAM

7. I/O ports : 4 ports x 8 bits (Port 1, 2, 3, impedance programmable) :  32

8. 16-bit timer/counters : 3

MSM80C154S PDF Datasheet

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