RD2004JN PDF Datasheet – 400V, 20A, Switching Diode

Part Number: RD2004JN

Function: 400V, 20A, High-Speed Switching Diode

Package: TO-220 Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo


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RD2004JN pdf


RD2004JN is 400V, 20A, Silicon Diode. A high-speed switching diode, also known as a fast recovery diode or a high-speed diode, is a semiconductor device designed to switch on and off rapidly in electronic circuits. These diodes are engineered to minimize the time it takes for the diode to transition from the conducting state (forward bias) to the non-conducting state (reverse bias) and vice versa. This fast switching characteristic makes them suitable for applications where high-speed rectification or switching of signals or power is required.


• High breakdown voltage (VRRM=400V).

• High-Speed Switching Diode.

• High reliability.

• Fast forward / reverse recovery time.

• Low noise at the time of reverse recovery.

• Attachment workability is good by Mica-less package


RD2004JN pinout datasheet

Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25°C

1. Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage : VRRM = 400 V

2. Average Output Current : IO = 20 A

3. Surge Forward Current : IFSM = 180 A ( Sine wave, 10ms 1pulse )

4. Junction Temperature: Tj = 150 °C

5. Storage Temperature : Tstg = -55 to +150 °C


1. High-Frequency Rectification: These diodes are commonly used in high-frequency rectification circuits, such as in radio-frequency (RF) and microwave applications.

2. Switching Power Supplies: Fast recovery diodes are used in switching power supply circuits to rectify the incoming AC voltage, converting it to DC with minimal losses and heat generation.

3. RF Mixers and Modulators: In RF circuits, fast recovery diodes are used in mixers and modulators to perform signal switching and modulation.

4. Pulse and Signal Shaping: They are employed in applications requiring precise control over pulse shaping and signal switching, such as pulse generators and radar systems.

RD2004JN PDF Datasheet

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