RJH3044 Datasheet PDF – 360V, 30A, IGBT – Renesas

Part Number: RJH3044

Function: Silicon N channel IGBT, 360V, 30A

Package: TO-220 Type

Manufacturer: Renesas, Hitachi

Image : RJH3044


The RJH3044 is a silicon N channel IGBT. It has high speed power switching.


Absolute maximum ratings:

(1) collector to emitter voltage : 360V
(2) Gate to emitter voltage : ±30V
(3) collector current : 30A
(4) collector peak current : 200A
(5) collector to emitter diode forward peak current : 100A
(6) collector dissipation : 20W
(7) junction temperature : 150℃
(8)storage temperature : -55 to 150℃.



(1) trench gate and thin wafer technology;
(2) high speed switching;
(3) low collector to emitter saturation voltage;
(4) low leak current;
(5) built-in fast recovery diode;
(6) isolated package.

RJH3044 Datasheet

RJH-3044 pdf

RJH3044 datasheet

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