BS520 Datasheet PDF – Photodiode for Visible Light – Sharp

Part Number: BS520

Function: Photodiode for Visible Light

Manufacturer: Sharp Electronics




This is Photodiode for Visible Light.


1. Spectral sensitivity characteristics akin to  that of human eye

2. Compact flat package

3. Low dark current

4. Infrared light cut-off type




BS520 datasheet


1. AE ( automatic exposure) system and ES ( electronic shutter) system for cameras

2. Stroboscopes

3. Precise optical instruments

Other data sheets are available within the file: BS-520

BS520 Datasheet PDF Download

BS520 pdf

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LTR-546AD Datasheet PDF – 30V, 150mW, Photodiode

Part Number: LTR-546AD

Function: IR Emiiter and Detector

Manufacturer: LiteOn Technology

Imag and Pinouts:

LTR-546AD datasheet



The LTR-516AD / LTR-526AD / LTR-536AD / LTR-546AD are special dark plastic package that cut the visible light and suitable for the detectors of infrared applications.


1. High Photo Sensitivity

2. Suitable For Infrared Radiation

3. Low Junction Capacitance

4. High cut-off Frequency

5. Fast Switching Time

Other data sheets are available within the file: LTR546AD

LTR-546AD Datasheet PDF Download

LTR-546AD pdf

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