TC4056A Datasheet PDF – Battery Charger IC

This post explains for the charger IC.

Part Number: TC4056A

Function: 1A Linear lithium ion battery charger

Package:  ESOP-8 , DIP-8 Type

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Fu Man Electronics


TC4056A datasheet


The TC4056A is a complete single lithium-ion battery with a constant current / constant-voltage linear charger. As a result of internal PMOSFET Architecture, coupled with anti-down charge circuit, so that no external blocking diode. Thermal feedback to automatically adjust the charging current to limit the die temperature during high power operation or high ambient temperature conditions.

The charge voltage is fixed at 4.2V , The charge current can be set by an external resistor. When the
charge current drops to the final value after reaching float voltage 1/10 Time, TC4056A The charge cycle is automatically terminated.


1. Up 1000mA Programmable charge current

2. No need MOSFET , Sense resistor or blocking diode

3. A single lithium-ion batteries, using SOP Complete Linear charger package

4. Accuracy ± 1.5% of 4.2V Predetermined charge voltage

5. Current monitor for detecting the output of battery

6. Automatic recharge

7. Dual output state of charge, and fault-free battery status display

8. Current supply in the standby mode 55uA

9. 2.9V Trickle Charge version

10. Soft-start limits inrush current


TC4056A Pinout

TC4056A pinout


• mobile phone, PDA

• MP3 , MP4 player

• Digital cameras

• E-dictionary


• Portable equipment, various chargers

Application Circuit :



TC4056A Datasheet PDF

 TC4056A pdf


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