TDA11105PS PDF Datasheet – DIP 64 Pin, NXP, Trident

Part Number: TDA11105PS

Function: IC for LG CRT TV

Package: DIP 64 PIN

Manufacturer: NXP, Trident


TDA11105PS nxp trident


This is Color TV Chroma IC for TV. The TDA11105PS is an integrated circuit (IC) developed by NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips Semiconductors) for use in televisions and video display systems. It’s a video chrominance (chroma) processor IC that is responsible for processing the color information in a television signal.

The TDA11105PS is part of the family of video processing ICs used in analog CRT televisions and other video display devices. It’s designed to handle tasks related to color decoding and processing, including demodulating the chrominance information from the composite video signal and generating the necessary color signals for display.



TDA11105PS datasheet pinout


1. Image processing includes brightness control, contrast control, chroma control, tone control, image enhancement and five image modes

2. Users can edit LOGO, display LOGO when booting and no signal

3. Have perpetual calendar and game features

4. Compatible with FS and VS tunerTV

5. With switch screen pull function, up and down mode and left and right mode optional

6. Added left and right line blanking adjustment for easy configuration of different parameters of the picture tube

Other data sheets are available within the file: TDA11105PS/V3/3

TDA11105PS PDF Datasheet

TDA11105PS pdf


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