X4202S Datasheet – FMX-4202S, 200V, 20A, Diode – Sanken

Part Number: X4202S

Function: 200V, 20A, Silicon Diode

Package: TO-3PF Type

Manufacturer: Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

Image :
X4202S diode

X4202S image


Type   :   Silicon Diode

Structure   :   Resin Molded, High Frequency Rectification

Absolute maximum ratings

1. Transient Peak Reverse Voltage : VRSM = 200 V
2. Peak Reverse Voltage : VRM = 200 V
3. Average Forward Current : IF(AV) = 20 A ( Tc=95°C, Sinewave )
4. Screwing Torque : 0.59 N.m


X4202S Datasheet


1. Freewheeling, Snubber, Clamp
2. Inversion Welder
3. PFC
4. Plating Power Supply
5. Ultrasonic Cleaner and Welder
6. Converter & Chopper
7. UPS

Other data sheets are available within the file: FMX-4202S

X4202S Datasheet PDF

X4202S pdf

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