2SA1073 Datasheet – PNP RET Power Transistor – Fujitsu

Part Number: 2SA1073, 2SA1072

Function: Silicon High Speed Power Transistor

Package: TO-3 Type

Manufacturer: Fujitsu Media Devices Limited


2SA1073 Transistor


The 2SA1073 are silicon PNP general purpose, high power switching transistors fabricated with Fujitsu’s unique Ring Emitter Transistor ( RET ) technology. RET devices are constructed with multiple emitters connected through diffused ballast resistors which provide uniform current density. This structure permits the design of high power transistors with exceptional switching characteristics and frequency reponse in high current applications.

2SA1073 Datasheet


1. With TO-3 package
2. Complement to type 2SC2522/2523
3. Excellent safe operating area
4. Fast switching speed


1. High frequency power amplifier
2. Audio power amplifiers
3. Switching regulators
4. DC-DC converters

Absolute maximum ratings

2SA1073 maximum ratings


2SA1073 Datasheet


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