XPT8871 Datasheet – AB / D Class Audio Power Amplifier – XPT

This IC is audio amplifier.

Part Number: XPT8871, XPT8871ES

Function: AB / D switching, overtemperature & undervoltage, no FM interference + 5W (2Ω)

Package  : ESOP 8 Pin

Manufacturer: XPT ( http://www.xptek.cn/ )





XPT8871 is a non-FM interference, AB / D class optional power amplifier. The maximum drive power is 5W (2Ω, BTL load, THD <10%) at 5V, and the total harmonic distortion noise in the audio range is less than 1%.

XPT8871 application circuit is simple, only a very small number of external devices, integrated feedback resistor; output does not require external coupling capacitors or on the lifting capacitor and the buffer network.





1. FM no interference, high efficiency, excellent sound quality

2. Output power is high (THD + N <10%, 1KHz frequency):

3. The ESOP package features 5W (2Ω load) and 3.5W (3Ω load), 3W (4Ω load)

4. Power-down mode leakage current is small

5. External gain adjustable, integrated feedback

6. Wide operating voltage range of 2.0V-5.5V

7. No need to drive output coupling capacitors, bootstrap capacitors, and buffer networks

8. Compatible with LM4871


Application Circuit


Other data sheets are available within the file: XPT8871MS, XPT8871SO, XPT8871DF

XPT8871 Datasheet

XPT8871 pdf



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