YX8018 Datasheet / YX8019 Solar LED Driver ( PDF )

This is one of the Solar LED driver types.

Part Number: YX8018, YX8019

Package: TO-94-4 Pin Type

Function: Solar LED driver

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.


The two 1.25V charge current or one Lights in a stable manner LED in the pond. Light of the sun Saw And to charge the rechargeable battery and a battery hit the error, The point the LED in the charging battery is charged to at night Light, automatic switching.

YX8018 pinout

1. LX : Switched Lane
2. GND : GND
3. CE : Negative electrode of solar batteries, charging control / EN
4. VDD : Solar cell

YX8018 Datasheet LED Driver


1. High efficiency: 80-90%
2. Fewer peripherals: only one inductor
3. Low voltage battery protection function
4. Adjust current with inductor

YX8018 Circuits
1.25V YX8018 Datasheet


YX8018 Datasheet

YX8018 pdf

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