CX20921 Datasheet – Voice Input Processor

Part Number : CX20921

Function : Dual-Mic Far-Field Voice Processor

Package : 60-QFN 7mm x 7mm

Manufacturers : Conexant Systems, Synaptics


CX20921 Voice Processor


The CX20921 is a high-performance, far field voice input processor System-on-Chip (SoC). The CX20921 is the first product in this category with an integrated voice trigger function that supports a low system power Wakeon-Voice (WoV) function.

When ADC and DSP are active in the Wake-on-Voice (WoV) mode, the device consumes less than 70mW, which is well below the 0.5W European Commission (EC) 1275/2008 requirement for standby power.


CX20921 datasheet pinout


1. Low-power WoV mode with an embedded third-party speech recognition engine
2. Compatible with multiple leading embedded and server-based speech recognition vendors
3. Powerful, dual-core 32-bit DSP
4. Multiple Integrated Interchip Sound (I2S) serial data interfaces
5. Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) serial control interface



1. Voice-controlled Smart TV/STB
2. Smart Bluetooth/WiFi speaker
3. Voice interactive smart appliance
4. Internet of Things (IOT) devices
5. Automotive hands-free control/communication

Other data sheets within the file : CX20921-21Z, CX20921-99Z

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