11N60 Transistor – 600V, 11A, N-Ch, MOSFET ( Datasheet PDF )

This is one of the types of MOSFETs and is a kind of transistor.

Part Number: 11N60

Function: 600V, 11A, N-Channel MOSFET

Package: TO-220, TO-220F Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor


11N60 transistor


SuperFET MOSFET 11N60 is Fairchild Semiconductor’s first genera-tion of high voltage super-junction (SJ) MOSFET family that is utilizing charge balance technology for outstanding low on-resistance and lower gate charge performance. This technology is tailored to minimize conduction loss, provide superior switch-ing performance, dv/dt rate and higher avalanche energy.

11N60 Pinout

11N60 pinout


1. 650V @Tj = 150°C
2. Typ. Rds(on)=0.32Ω
3. Ultra low gate charge (typ. Qg=40nC)
4. Low effective output capacitance (typ. Coss.eff=95pF)


1. Switching power

2. PFC, server/telecom power

3. FPD TV power, ATX power

4. Industrial power


Other data sheets are available within the file: FCP11N60, FCPF11N60

11N60 Datasheet

11N60 pdf



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