13001 Datasheet – 600V, 200mA, NPN Transistor ( PDF )

This is one of the transistor types.

Part Number: 13001

Function: NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor

Package  : TO-126 Plastic-Encapsulate Transistors

Manufacturer: Elite Enterprises




13001 is 600V, 200mA, Silicon NPN Transistor. This Transistor is a type of bipolar junction transistor (BJT) made from silicon, a semiconductor material. This transistor is designed for amplifying or switching electronic signals in various electronic circuits.

NPN Configuration

1. Emitter (N): The heavily doped N-type layer, which is the source of charge carriers (electrons) in the transistor.

2. Base (P): The thin P-type layer, which controls the flow of charge carriers between the emitter and collector.

3. Collector (N): The N-type layer, which collects the charge carriers that pass through the base-emitter junction.

Silicon NPN Epitaxial Planar Transistors are fundamental components in electronic circuits, playing a crucial role in amplification, signal processing, and digital logic. They are widely used in a vast array of electronic devices, including radios, amplifiers, computer processors, and many other applications where signal control and amplification are essential.



1. Power Switching

13001 Pinout




Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Collector-Base Voltage : VCBO = 600 V

2. Collector-Emitter Voltage : VCEO = 400 V

3. Emitter-Base Voltage : VEBO = 7 V

4. Collector Current : IC = 200 mA

5. Collector Dissipation : PC = 1000 mW

6. Junction Temperature : TJ = 150 °C

7. Storage Temperature : TSTG = -55~+150 °C



13001 Datasheet


Other data sheets are available within the file: HA130001, KSE130001, MJE131001

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