18N50 Datasheet – Vdss=500V, N-Channel Mosfet Transistor

This post describes for the semiconductor 18N50.

The function of this semiconductor is N-Channel Mosfet Transistor.

The package is TO-220F type. Pinout: 1. Gate  2. Drain  3. Source

The manufacturer of this part is Inchange Semiconductor.

See the preview image and the 18N50 Datasheet PDF file for more information.

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18N50 datasheet pinout


INCHANGE Semiconductor isc N-Channel MOSFET Transistor


1. Drain Current ID= 18A@ TC=25℃
2. Drain Source Voltage : VDSS= 500V(Min)
3. Static Drain-Source On-Resistance
4. RDS(on) = 0.32Ω(Max)
5. Fast Switching


1. Switch regulators
2. Switching converters, motor drivers, relay drivers



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18N50 pdf schematic

18N50 Datasheet

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