F16C20CT PDF Datasheet – 16A, 200V, Fast Recovery Diode

This post explains for the diode.

The Part Number is F16C20CT.

The function of this semiconductor is 16A, 200V, Fast Recovery Diode.

The package is TO-220AB Type

Manufacturer: Thinki Semiconductor

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F16C20CT pdf pinout


F16C20CT is 16A, 200V, Fast Recovery Diode, Rectifier. A Fast Recovery Diode, also known as a Fast Diode or Fast Switching Diode, is a type of semiconductor diode that is designed to have a very fast recovery time when it transitions from the conducting (ON) state to the non-conducting (OFF) state and vice versa.

This rapid switching characteristic makes them suitable for applications where quick switching of high-frequency signals or high-speed rectification is required.

1. Fast Recovery Time: The primary feature of these diodes is their ability to switch on and off quickly. They have a recovery time in the order of nanoseconds (ns), which allows them to handle high-frequency signals and switching applications efficiently.



1. Fast switching for high efficiency

2. Low forward voltage drop

3. High current capability

4. High surge current capability



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F16C20CT datasheet diode

Mechanical Data :

1. Weight : 2.2 gram approximately

2. Polarity : As marked on diode body method 208

3. Mounting position : Any

4. Terminals : Solderable per MIL-STD-202



1. Automotive Environment ( Inverters / Converters )

2. Plating Power Supply,Adaptor,SMPS and UPS

3. Car Audio Amplifiers and Sound Device System

F16C20CT PDF Datasheet