A1708 PDF Datasheet – 100V, 1A, PNP Transistor – 2SA1708

This post describes for the transistor.

The Part Number is 2SA1708, A1708.

The function of this semiconductor is -100V, -1A, PNP transistor.

The package is NMP Type

The manufacturer of this part is Sanyo Semicon Device.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

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A1708 datasheet pinout


This is -100V, -1A, PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor.


1. Adoption of FBET, MBIT process

2. High breakdown voltage, large current capacity

3. Fast switching speed

Absolute Maximum Ratings ( Ta =25°C )

1. Collector to Base Voltage: Vcbo = -120 V

2. Collector to Emitter Voltage: Vceo = -100 V

3. Emitter to Base Voltage: Vebo = – 6 V

4. Collector Current: Ic = -1 A

5. Collector Current(Pulse) : Icp = -2 A

6. Collector Dissipation : Pc = 1 W


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A1708 pdf schematic


1. High-Voltage Switching

A1708 Datasheet PDF