AK9753 Datasheet – IR Sensor IC – AKM

Part Number: AK9753

Function: IR Sensor IC I2C I/F

Package: 10-pin SON Type

Manufacturer: AKM ( AsahiKASEI )


AK9753 IR Sensor


The AK9753 is an ultra-low power and compact infrared-ray (IR) sensor module. It is composed of four quantum IR sensors and an integrated circuit (IC) for characteristic compensation. The four IR sensors offset and gain variations are calibrated at shipment. An integral analog-to-digital converter provides 16-bits data outputs. Additional integrated features include a field of view limiter and an optical filter. The device is suitable for applications including stationary human detection.


AK9753 datasheet pinout


1. Quantum-type IR Sensor with Four IR Elements

2. 16-bits Digital Outputs to I2C bus

3. Interrupt Function:

INT pin can be used as a read-trigger or an interrupt request of signal level monitoring

4. Built in Switch Mode (Standalone Mode) :

By writing the threshold into the internal EEPROM at the customer’s production testing, the
presence detection state will be output to the INT pin. In this mode, neither the control by I
2C bus nor Host MCU is necessary

Block Diagram

AK9753 Block Diagram

AK9753 Datasheet PDF Download

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