BAW56 Datasheet PDF – 85V, Switching Diode – Rectron

Part Number: BAW56

Function: Switching Diode, DUAL 1N4148 COMMON ANODE DIODE

Package: SOT-23 Type

Manufacturer: Rectron Semiconductor


BAW56 datasheet

BAW56 is a small signal diode, used in various applications in electronic circuits. This diode is mainly used for rectification, switching, clipping, protection, etc., and is particularly suitable for high-frequency signal processing.


1. High-speed switching: This diode has high-speed switching characteristics, making it suitable for high-frequency applications.

2. Low leakage current: Low leakage current at low voltage ensures efficient power consumption.

3. Bipolar operation: It can be used with NPN and PNP transistors.

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25°C)

1. Reverse Voltage : VRRM = 85 V

2. Reverse Recovery Time : trr = 4 ns

3. Forward Voltage @ If = 50 mA : VF = 1.0 V

4. Forward Current : IF = 215 mA

5. Junction Temp. : Tj = -55 to 150 °C

6. Storage Temp. : Tstg = -55 to 150 °C

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BAW56 Datasheet PDF Download

BAW56 pdf

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