GS-SH-205T PDF – 5V, 0.20W, Relay – Good Sky Electric

Part Number: GS-SH-205T

Function: 5V, 0.2W, Plastic Sealed type Relay

Package: PCB DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Good Sky Electric, Rapid


GS-SH-205T relay


The GS-SH-205T is Two poles, 5V, 0.2W, Plastic Sealed type Relay.

A relay is an electrically operated switch that opens or closes a circuit by activating an electromagnet to actuate the switch. It allows a low-power electrical signal, such as from a microcontroller or sensor, to control a much larger current or voltage, such as required to drive a motor or light bulb.

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1. 92/8 gold silver alloy on silver palladium contact type is suitable for low level switching application.

2. Small size and light weight can provide high density P.C. Board mounting.

3. 2.54gmm Terminal Pitch.

4. Low Coil Power Consumption of GS-T Type and high Coil Power Consumption of GS-D type
are available to meet user’s selection.

5. Employment of suitable plastic materials to be applied to high temperature and various chemical solution.

6. Plastic epoxy resin sealed type for washing procedure.


1. Telecommunication, domestic appliances, office machine, audio equipment, Remote Control, etc.


Other data sheets are available within the file: GS-SH212D, GS-SH-224D, GS-SH212T, GS-SH-224T

GS-SH-205T Datasheet PDF