KLM8G1WEMB-B031 Datasheet – 8GB eMMC, NAND Flash Memory

Part Number: KLM8G1WEMB-B031

Function: 8GB eMMC, NAND Flash Memory

Package  : FBGA QDP type

Manufacturer: Samsung




1. Density of 4 GB to 128 GB : Contributes to a variety of mobile & consumer designs

2. Small size : Helps meet today’s mobile design requirements, Frees up space for other components

3. Enhanced storage capabilities : Enhances robust mobile devices, Enables traditional storage media to be replaced by lower-power SSDs

4. Advanced embedded NAND Flash :  Helps simplify mass storage designs, Aids in expanding computing power and content storage, Is designed for easier adoption

5. Standard, mature interface by JEDEC
Provides strong power management and performance optimization, Open, Standard Specifications for device features, function, and package pinout


Ordering Information

Official Homepage: http://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/

KLM8G1WEMB-B031 Datasheet



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