PAL007E Datasheet, PAL007A PDF – Poineer – Radio Amplifer

Part Number: PAL007E

Function: Car Audio Amplifier ( MOSFET )

Package: SIP 25 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Pioneer Electronics

Image :
PAL007E datasheet


The PAL007E is Car Audio Amplifier.

A car audio amplifier, also known as a car amplifier or car amp, is an electronic device designed to increase the power of audio signals in a car audio system. It takes a low-level audio signal from the car’s head unit or source unit and amplifies it to a higher power level suitable for driving speakers or subwoofers.

The primary purpose of a car audio amplifier is to provide more power and improve the overall sound quality of the audio system in a vehicle. It enhances the audio signal, allowing it to drive speakers with greater efficiency and accuracy. By increasing the power output, an amplifier can produce louder and more detailed sound, resulting in improved clarity, dynamics, and bass response.

The PAL007E is a audio amplifier integrated circuit manufactured by Pioneer Electronics. It is a Class AB audio amplifier with high output power, low distortion, and low power consumption. The device operates on a single voltage supply and features thermal protection, short circuit protection, and mute function. It is commonly used in automotive audio systems, home theater systems, and other audio applications.

PAL007 Car Audio

AMP IC, The MOSFET is an AB class audio power
amplifier, packaged in Flexiwatt 25 and designed for high end car radio applications.

Block Diagram and Pinouts:

PAL007A Pinout




1. Low distortion

2. Low output noise

3. Standby function

4. Mute function

5. Automute at min. supply voltage detection



1. Output short circuit to GND, to VS, across the load

2. Very inductive loads

3. Overrating chip temperature with soft thermal limiter

4. Load dump voltage

5. Fortuitous open GND

6. Reversed battery

PAL007E Datasheet PDF Download

PAL007E pdf

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