PN547 PDF – Near Field Communication Controller

This post explains for NFC Controller.

The Part Number is PN547.

The function of this semiconductor is Near Field Communication Controller.

The package is VFBGA49 Type

Manufacturer: NXP

PN547 pdf


PN547 is a full feature NFC controller designed for integration in mobile devices and devices compliant with NFC standards.

NFC Controller stands for Near Field Communication Controller. NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables devices to establish communication and exchange data when they are in close proximity (within a few centimeters) to each other.

An NFC Controller is an integrated circuit (IC) or chip that handles the communication and protocol management for NFC-enabled devices. It serves as the core component responsible for initiating, managing, and executing NFC operations.


1. A low PCB footprint and a reduced external Bill of Material by enabling as unique feature the capability to achieve RF standards ( NFC Forum, EMVco card ) with small form factor antenna.

2. An optimized architecture for low-power consumption in different modes ( Standby, low-power polling loop )


PN547 pinout datasheet

PN547 PDF Datasheet

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