STK403-130 Datasheet PDF – AF Power Amplifier – Sanyo

Part Number: STK403-130

Function:  2 Channels AF Power Amplifier

Package: ZIP 15 Pins

Manufacturer: SANYO (Panasonic)


STK403-130 datasheet



The STK403-130 is 2 Channels AF Power Amplifier.

An AF (Audio Frequency) power amplifier is an electronic device designed to amplify audio signals to a level suitable for driving loudspeakers or other audio output devices. It is commonly used in audio systems, including stereo systems, PA systems, home theater setups, musical instruments, and more.

The primary purpose of an AF power amplifier is to provide sufficient power gain and current drive capability to reproduce audio signals accurately and at a suitable volume level. It takes a low-level audio signal from a preamplifier or source device and increases its power output while maintaining fidelity and signal integrity.


1. Channel Operation.

2. All tests are measured using a constant-voltage supply unless otherwise specified.

3. The output noise voltage is peak value of an average-reading meter with a rms value scale(VTVM). A regulated AC supply(50Hz) should be used to eliminate the effects of AC primary line flicker noise.

4. Available time for load short-circuit and output noise voltage are measured using the specified transformer power supply.


STK403-130 Datasheet


Block Diagram

STK403-130 Circuit



1. 100W audio use

Other data sheets are available within the file: STK403100, STK403120, STK403-120

STK403-130 Datasheet PDF Download

STK403-130 pdf


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