TDB0124-DP Datasheet PDF – Quadrulpe OP AMP – Thomson

Part Number: TDB0124-DP, TDB0124DP

Function: Quadruples Operational Amplifier

Package: TO-116 ( DIP 14 Pin )

Manufacturer: Thomson-CSF


TDB0124-DP Image


This is Quadruples Operational Amplifier.

These circuits consist of four independent, high gain, internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers which designed specifically for automotive and industrial control systems.


1. Large voltage gain : 100 dB
2. Very low supply current drain : 800 uA
3. Low input bias current : 45 nA
4. Low input offset voltage : 2 mV
5. Low input offset current : 5 nA

Pinout ( TDB0124DP = Equvilent NTE987 )TDB0124DP Pinout

TDB0124-DP Datasheet

TDB0124-DP Datasheet

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