YG2025 PDF Datasheet – 2-Channel Audio Power Amplifier

This post explains for the audo amplifier.

The Part Number is YG2025.

The function of this semiconductor is 2-channel audio power amplifier.

The package is DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ETC


YG2025 datasheet



The YG2025 is Two-channel audio power amplifier. A 2-channel audio power amplifier is a type of audio amplifier that is designed to amplify and drive two separate audio channels or stereo signals. Each channel typically corresponds to the left and right audio channels in a stereo system. 2-channel amplifiers are commonly used in home audio systems, car audio systems, and professional audio setups where stereo sound reproduction is required.


YG2025 pdf pinout

1. Input Options: These amplifiers typically offer multiple input options, such as RCA connectors, XLR connectors, or balanced TRS connectors, to accommodate various audio sources, including CD players, turntables, smartphones, and more.

2. Output Channels: The output channels are designed to connect to speakers or other audio devices. Common connectors include binding posts, banana plugs, and speakON connectors, depending on the amplifier’s design and intended use.



1. Operating supply voltage range : 3 ~ 12V

2. P=0.1W 2 VCC=3V RL=4Ω

3. P=1W 2 VCC=6V RL=2Ω

4. P=2.3W 2 VCC=9V RL=4Ω

5. Suitable for mono bridge BTL or stereo line two working states


Maximum rating :

1. Power supply voltage : VCC = 15 V

2. Output peak current : IO(P) = 1.5 A

3. Junction temperature : Tj = 150 °C

4. Storage temperature: Tstg = -40 +150 °C


YG2025 PDF Datasheet

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